Mrs. Judith Boggs Littleton – Scott Co. Schools (D2), KY

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Mrs. Judith Boggs Littleton is running for a school board position with Scott Co. Schools in District 2, KY.

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MOTIVATION:  Serving on a school board is one the most important positions in a school district. The school board sets the policies and funds the initiatives for the district. I have observed our school board over the past years and have seen too much apathy and a lack of accountability. I feel I can bring a sense of responsibility and transparency to the Scott County School Board and its mission.
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  The role of public schools is to educate students with a well-rounded classical education. Schools should teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history (the good, the bad, and the ugly), civics, and the sciences. But most important, schools should teach students HOW to think (not WHAT to think). Parents, the students’ first teachers, are responsible for teaching morals, values, empathy, and self-identity.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  Scott County Schools, overall, does a good job educating its students. However, as I talk with parents, have heard some things that give me concern, mostly at the high school level. I cannot say that what I have heard is true, but each needs questioning. The biggest challenge is that no one is asking questions. I intend to ask questions. I believe in what Ronald Reagan said, “Trust, but verify.”
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  It will most interesting when the most current KPREP scores are released later in the fall. That will show the priorities needed for success. If the scores follow the ACT scores, the district will see a decrease over the past two years due to SARS-COV 2 lockdown procedures. It will be important to dig through that data and set a plan to change the course. This includes evaluating current initiatives and only funding what is working. If it is not working, change the course.
TAXING & SPENDING:  Scott County Schools have increased taxes over the past years to sustain our growth and build buildings. Any tax increase past this will need public input and should be researched effectively. Right now, we need to look at every dollar that is spent and see if it is effective and efficient before increasing the tax rate.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  I am not opposed to charter schools, but I do not know much about them other than what I have read. I do not think that a school board should promote or discourage them, but to look openly at any application and evaluate accordingly.
SEL & DEI:  I am not familiar with any specific SEL or DEI training. I would need to look at the training and see what the emphasis is and why it is needed. This would only be for staff professional learning; not for students. This type of training or lessons are not appropriate for students outside possibly small groups lead by a counselor (with parental permissions).
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  Equity is where you take a resource from one and give to another. It is not a synonym for equality. I believe in “equal opportunity access for all” All students should be given an opportunity for any program or any initiative. I do not like the idea of “pull-out programs” where a child is removed from a class for individual instruction regardless of what it is. Students can learn from each other. A “special program” teacher can come into the classroom to provide services. This is real world application. The only exception is possibly speech-articulation one-on-one lessons for young primary students – this is important from phonics instruction. Any programs that set one student against another, regardless of the program, needs addressing and evaluation. Is it appropriate? Is it effective? Is it an efficient use of funds? A complete evaluation is necessary.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  A school board is responsible for the adoption annually of a Code of Conduct. Through this, levels of intensity are established. Even with this, a level of discretion should be maintained before involving law enforcement. When it comes to alternative placement, this also requires an amount of discretion. Some secondary students, when placed in a more crowded school than they faced at the elementary level, had a hard time adjusting. An alternative placement is an option. However, an alternative school should never be a “dumping ground” for students who may need counseling or other instructional methods.
COVID:  At the beginning of SARS-COV2 in March 2020, many things were unknown. Since then, many studies have been completed on the effects of the processes that were implemented as part of the unknown. Since most of the mandates that were implemented have been debunked by multiple scientific studies, I would not be in support of going back to any of these mandates. The effect of these mandates has been shown in the latest NCES data with the greatest decline in reading and math scene in more than 40 years as a direct result of lockdowns and other SARS-COV2 restrictions. It is time to go forward and not backwards anymore.
ANY ILLICIT PERSONAL CONDUCT:  I have never been charged with any type of felony including any charge against a child. I have never resigned or be released from any position of public trust.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  I am an accomplished leader with a fiscally responsible approach to increasing student achievement. Throughout my career at the department of education, I have overseen multiple state and federal educational projects with multimillion dollar budgets. I hold proficiencies in school and district improvement strategies and in managing financial budgets. I am a proven leader with a strong work ethic. I am the only serious candidate with the prerequisite skill to serve on the Scott County School Board for District #2.

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