Mr. Jason Fulton – Floyd Co. School (D2), IN

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Mr. Jason Fulton is running for a school board position in District 2 of Floyd Co. Schools, IN.

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MOTIVATION:  Simply, the children.  Our children are the future of our towns, cities, states and country.  Implementing education that focuses on social aspects is not teaching our kids.  Our schools should focus on education, reading, writing, math etc.. This builds strong communities with adults that contribute to the well being of the communities.  This also gives our youths options on life and job opportunities.  I think we could do a better job than what we are currently doing.  Parents should absolutely have a say and some ownership in their child’s education.  
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  Morals and values are and should be the role of all parents not the government ran schools.  The role of a educator is to educate not teach morals and values, i.e. gender roles, CRT/SEL
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  I believe many current board members either don’t know or just deny that this social agenda exist.  My goal on the board would be to have the district define the hit button topics like CRT among others so everyone knows exactly what is being taught to their children.  I would also advocate against the social topics to keep them out of our classrooms.  I think the district is supporting our educators and think they work hard to make sure the pay is appropriate.  I will continue to support our teachers.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  I would support teachers teaching the basics and support the freedom of teachers to teach. Who knows better on how to teach kids than teachers.  While I’m not a fan of standardized testing, that is the rule in Indiana.  I would use this as a metrics and currently we have a C average.  I would push to focus on the low scoring areas and give more researches to improve.
TAXING & SPENDING:  I’m not in favor of tax increases.  It would have to be a major issues that the public supports for me to vote yes on a tax increase.  Budgeted trimmed, I’m concerned about all the “counselors” we have.  I do believe we need counselors for college guidance, class guidance etc.. not convinced we need social counselors, at least not as many as we currently have.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  We should not discourage a parent from making the best educational decision for their child.  Parents should have the freedom to make educational decisions and one of them is what school their child should attend.
SEL & DEI:  Simply, no I do not support any of these training.
I’m very family with these topics and I would work hard to prove to the board that they have a negative affect on the students.
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  B.  We need to allocate resources to each and every child and should not discount any child.  I would not want to hold any child back from going as far as they can with their education either.  We should never give one demographic more or less.   No matter your demographic each child is a human being and deserves the best your schools can provide to them.  Different kids will learn at different rates we should provide them with the classes to push them, i.e. the disability classes should be supported and promoted in our schools just as much as the A.P. classes.  Every student will at some point be adults and they each should have the opportunities to work and support themselves and this starts with education and of course in our homes.  We should never settle for “minimal competency” we should push for more.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  Each student should be evaluated on their merit and not their demographic group.  I think disruptive students should face some kind of disciplinary actions.  Disruptive kids are a distraction to other children in the class rooms.  I think parents should be involved, at what point I’m not sure yet.  But when you are continually disruptive to other students than something has to be done.  Police matter, of course , guns, drugs, threats of violence.  Alternative schools is a options for those students whom continue to be a major concern until they have demonstrated the ability to return to their peers.
COVID:  Parents should be able to opt their kids out of any mandate.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  I live by Christian faith that puts God front and center.  My policies on the board will reflect this in my votes.  I will only vote yes in policies that do 1 of 2 things, put actual eduction in classrooms or safety of our students and staff.  I will be a voice for the parents.  So many meetings I feel as the current members ignore public speakers or are just not interested.  I was born and raised in Floyd County, graduated from Floyd Central in 1994.  Graduated from IUS with a business degree.  I currently work at Samtec and have done so for 22 years.  Volunteer at a local food bank, Hope.  I head coached and ran a softball organization.  Have stepped down from head coaching but still actively involved.  

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