Mr. Stephen Keenan – Floyd Co. Schools (D1), IN

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Mr. Stephen Keenan is running for a school board position in District 1 of Floyd Co. Schools, IN.

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MOTIVATION:  I am running because I feel like can make a positive change in the public school system.
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  The role is to prepare our children for life after school and teaching each child the fundamentals and essential subjects of education.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  I do not believe that anything regarding the current education system needs to be turned upside down. But I believe everything can be improved.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  Students should be held to an academic standard of which the grade level doesn’t fall below a C average. Each student should be provided with resources to ensure this standard.
TAXING & SPENDING:  I will do everything to not raise taxes and dig for solutions to avoid any increases. My goal will be to identify any waste and move that money towards more useful areas.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  I agree with the idea of public charter schools but we need to find a way to make teachers stay in these schools.
SEL & DEI:  I disagree with both. I feel these topics are to be taught by parents or guardians.
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  Each child is special in their own way. Teachers over the course of a school year will learn each child’s tendencies and should use their best judgment on which direction to take them.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  Definitely evaluated by their own merits but if the child has put the rest of the children in danger then they should be removed from the school until the situation has resolved. Also, any discipline should involve parents or guardians.
COVID:  With the unknown of the seriousness of COVID I think the schools handled it to the best of their ability. I will support leaving vaccinations to the parents to decide.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  The passion that I have for raising my kids right is one of my best qualities for this position. I also have spent the last 7yrs as a project manager. Staying under budget and find thing the best way to get a job done is what I am good at. Once I am elected I am sure that the voters will reelect me next term.

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