Mr. Trent Rufing – Floyd Co. Schools, IN (D1)

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Mr. Trent Rufing is running for a school board position in District 1 of Floyd Co. Schools, IN.

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MOTIVATION:  My wife and I currently have both of our kids in the New Albany Floyd County Public Schools. Our oldest daughter is a Sophomore at Floyd Central High School and our youngest started his first year at Highland Hills Middle School. My kids and our community deserve the best, so making sure that the right systems are in place will ultimately make our New Albany Floyd County Schools better academically and a more safe environment for our kids.      
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  Teacher(s) and staff have an important role & influence in our kids success in learning but the parent’s or legal guardian needs 100% communication to make sure kids don’t fall behind. Better systems need to be in place.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  Elementary School’s & Teacher’s communication with parents and grading scale needs improvement.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  There are 3 area’s that are of high importance…

1) Academics

2) School & Student Safety  

3) Financial accountability

TAXING & SPENDING:  Yes – Only to a some degree…If it is to improve the overall well being of our students and teacher(s).
If it is to improve the overall safety of our kids/students, teacher(s) and staff that make the schools a great school for a learning environment.  
Public feedback and approvals should be taken for any tax increase.
I have not reviewed the budget but will be viewing in the near future.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  This has been the case since the 1950’s on our school’s being state funded however I’m open to alternative schooling option’s if It makes logical sense. The only way that I would be opposed or discourage alternative schooling if it would create a majority hardship for the residents of Floyd County.  
SEL & DEI:  Don’t know enough to comment on this topic. I believe this is an important topic but would love to see the current policy and determine the full spectrum or the pro’s vs con’s.  
RESOURCE ALLOCATION: All kids need to have equal opportunity and not be left behind.  
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  Absolutely not.  
COVID:  There needs to be policies in place not only for COVID but for any local or national pandemic.  
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  Trent has been a long lived resident of Floyd County Indiana and currently resides in Greenville, Indiana with his spouse April Rufing and two kids Rylee (17) and Chase (10). Both of our kids are in sports and my wife and I are heavily involved in our kids Academics. Trent currently is owner/managing broker of a Real Estate Firm “Kentuckiana Pro Realty” in Floyd Knobs, Indiana and has been in the Real Estate industry for over 17 + years.
My reason for running for the New Albany Floyd County School Board is not about the title or the gleam, but more on how can I make a difference in our community.

Most importantly… my life is built around logic and principle, belief in right and wrong, and making things better year after year.      

Thanks Trent Rufing

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