What is the Government Transparency Organization

Government transparency is a government’s obligation to be as open, accountable, and honest with its citizens as possible.  Government transparency is important because it is ultimately the government’s job to serve its constituents as efficiently as possible. If a government is clear about the processes it uses to make decisions, as well as what those decisions are, then governments and citizens can work together to better serve the community that the government is working to protect.


This honesty involves being open about how the government is conducting business, using resident’s tax dollars to improve the area that it governs, and of politicians being candid about their views and intentions when running for office. A problem with most state level elections is that voters tend to be poorly informed, especially about the races that are non-partisan.


For instance, in Kentucky both Judicial and School Board races are non-partisan. Without going through the party vetting mechanisms, candidate views tend to be poorly understood even to the politically active and primary races often have a multitude of candidates meaning individual candidate views are exceptionally poorly covered.


We hope to provide a mechanism to allow candidate views to be more carefully vetted by the voting public, by providing candidate surveys and then posting them for the public, media organizations, and non-profits to assess for themselves.