Mr. Brian (BJ) Foster – Floyd Co. Schools (At Large), IN

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Mr. BJ Foster is running for a school board position in Floyd Co. Schools, KY.

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MOTIVATION:  My motivation comes from being a father. My motivation also come from my friends’ and family’s children. We all should want what is best for our kids. I personally feel that the current NAFC school board has lost sight of that. Political affiliation shouldn’t have a thing to do with the board. Especially since it is a non partisan role. Unfortunately at this time i believe party affiliation has taken over.
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  Teachers/ Educators are there to TEACH. They knew what they signed up for when pursuing such career, whatever their given subject or expertise might be. I do feel with the help of a transparent school board educators should have some freedom on how the curriculum is delivered. We must give our students and educators the tools they need for success. As far as what should be excluded from schools I think there is a bit of grey area. As parents and AMERICANS we should absolutely have a say in our kids education. On that same note some kids do not have parents or a stable home. In that case sexuality, gender roles etc. would be taught by someone other than parents.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  NAFC schools have some of the best and brightest educators in the state. Making sure they are given the tools they need and proper compensation are a MUST.
As mentioned in some of my previous answers the current board has gotten away from what matters most. My list of improvements/ importance listed below.
1. THE KIDS! At the end of the day it is the sole reason anyone should be involved.
2. THE TEACHERS! We MUST assist, compensate, and encourage our teachers. They need help. Overcrowded classes, competitive wages and teachers assistance.
3. BUDGETING! Proper allocation of funds. 144 million dollar budget is quite large. It does not need to increase at the expense of our taxpayers.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  I do not think that all standardized testing is bad. I think some of the information received from it is beneficial. I think it would be a great idea to let our local educators compile a test together. Let’s take a grade representative from each school and let them create ‘The Standard” for our students.
TAXING & SPENDING:  I feel the public should always be included in tax increases or decreases. At the end of the day they are the ones affected.  I think a complete budget audit needs to take place immediately. Appropriate spending and allocation of funds is a MUST.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  I honestly do not know enough about them at this time. I am eager to learn more about them so i can form an opinion on such.
SEL & DEI:  I would have to educate myself more on these practices before forming a stance on these activities. After a bit of research some of it feels a lot like CRT. If that is the case i am 100% against it.
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  ALL students should have the same opportunities. Regardless of social status or demographic. WE are all HUMAN! We are all equal. Now obviously a student that excels academically isn’t going to need the attention that another might. As i mentioned above a cooperation constructed test could vastly help these situations. Proper resource distribution is a must.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  Disciplinary polices should be completely transparent throughout the corporation. All parents should be informed what to expect if their child has behavioral issues in school. Depending on the issue at hand would merit if the law needed to be contacted. I do think that parents should be privy to all issues even if considered minute. That practice of keeping parents informed would likely cut down on issues.
Expanding alternative schools sounds expensive. Let’s use the tools we have at hand first before making a drastic change.
COVID:  NAFCS handled covid policy POORLY at best. They refused to make decisions and the board left it up to the superintendent. I do not fault Dr. Snyder on his decision to go with whatever Holcomb/CDC was saying. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. The board didn’t do their job in that regard. I personally feel that a vaccine we no nothing about should be a choice. I also personally feel that if you want to wear a mask that is your CHOICE. Mandates are NOT laws. As far as covid goes i will not support ANY mandates while on the board. I WILL support parents and teacher choices in regards to it. If you want to wear a mask the should be YOUR decision. If you do not want to wear a mask that is also YOUR decision.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  I was born and raised in Floyd Co. I attended school in this community. I am not some outsider without a dog in the fight. I am a father, husband, and concerned parent. I will say this until I am blue in the face. TRANSPARENCY!! That is what we need within our school system. I am just as concerned about your child’s well-being as my own. WE owe this to our children to make positive changes in OUR community. Thank you to everyone in advance! GO VOTE FOR CHANGE on NOV 8th!

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