Mr. Bobby Sullivan – Bullitt Co. Schools (D3), KY

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Mr. Bobby Sullivan is running for a school board position in District 3 of Bullitt Co. Schools, KY.

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MOTIVATION:  I’m a father of three and I’m very concerned about what’s happening in our schools and I decided to make a stand to make a difference. Parents matter and our kids aren’t wards of the state.
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  The schools biggest role should be teaching the basics of common courses. All the things that are on a ACT test, period. All other aspects outside the ACT test should be handled by the children’s parents.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  My assessment of our school district is we’re going the wrong way. Shutting out the parents as if we don’t matter and even calling concerned parents terrorist is highly dysfunctional. No one is more important to a child than the parents. I’m sure there are board members who wanna do right by the children but limiting a parents voice of concerns is never in a child’s best interest.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  I’ll be very frank. My children and so many of my friends’ children speak of many teachers that teach from the students, they are teaching themselves. Our children need teachers to be more accountable for doing  their jobs. If I’m going to teach Johnny how to play baseball I’m going to be very involved in showing and teaching him how. I’m not going to give him a handout and have him teach himself. I know we have a majority of excellent teachers but we also have too many teachers just showing up for a paycheck. We need more accountability!
TAXING & SPENDING:  I’m never for raising taxes. If there’s a shortage of funds I feel total transparency for the shortage is needed. I believe public involvement and feedback are a must.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  If a school district isn’t holding up their responsibility to provide adequate education, then yes the parents should be able to do or go wherever they feel is best for their children. This is why we need a school board willing to work with the parents. If the board would see the parents as the asset that they are then the school district would be where the vast majority of parents want their children.
SEL & DEI:  From what I know of SEL and DEI I have a lot of concern. I know I’m totally against CRT reaching and being taught in our schools. Im not for anything that promotes hate or division based on ethnicity, gender or sexual preference. Let’s teach what’s on the ACT test please.
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  All our children should have the same opportunity as the other. The only way kids should be divided into different groups or programs is by testing scores. Testing scores should be all that matter as far as why certain children are in different classes or programs.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  All children should have the same opportunity to achieve a quality education.  Given equal opportunity and a child chooses to be disruptive to any child looking for a safe quality education, then they have to be held accountable. I’m for more discipline and accountable in our schools. Parents should always be involved with any problem or discipline decisions. If any child makes the school environment for the whole dysfunctional then serious considerations are in order.
COVID:  Parents should be able to opt their children out.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  I’m just a simple man that wants to make a difference. I’m a very patriotic man that love his Country, his flag, his children and his God. I’m about right and wrong. Honesty, integrity and my name mean something to me. I’m against any talk of mask. No mandates, this is America. Our education system is the backbone of our country and we spend more than anyone and we’re way down the list, unacceptable. I’m 100 percent for parents rights. I also support our bus drivers, who are essential and deserve more respect. I’m a conservative man that has a open mind but at the same time knows right from wrong. We need to put kids first with parents input welcomed. We need a board full of individuals that are inspired to see a loving parent wanna be involved in their child’s education. This is who I am and I hope to win a school board seat and try and make a difference. If any of this appeals to you please help me help our school district by voting Bobby Sullivan.

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