Mr. Matthew Singleton – Jefferson Co. Schools (D5), KY

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Mr. Matthew Singleton is running for a school board position in District 5 of Jefferson County Public Schools, KY.

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MOTIVATION:  A lot of reasons.
Personally I am a graduate of the Jefferson County public school system unlike my opponents I have known the community my whole life and see its good points and its downfall.
Also I am the son of a successful public school teacher.  My Mother left her mark on the school system and yet her career was cut short due to a violent attack from a pre-teen, which forced her into early retirement.  I have had to watch my mother for many years restricted to her couch and not being able to fully enjoy all her retirement has to offer.  I don’t know her personal views on the topic.  Perhaps she sees it as part of her duty, but as here son I find it unacceptable and teachers deserve to have a violence free career.
I am an experienced youth minister.  Unlike public school ministry is multigenerational and it is easier to keep up with youth as they grow up.  You see what life decisions are made and what influences do.  As a YM back in 2015 I noticed significant changes from the school system than what I saw back in the 2000’s.  A youth in the Sunday school class was throwing tantrums and declaring Atheism based upon the Big bang theory.  The idea was easy enough for me to refute, but he did declare that he got the idea from school.  Now, this was not by itself bothersome, but there was a deeper issue. The youth was at odds with his great grandparents.  His family had been through great tragedies, but His great grandparents kept the family together through tough times.  They were worried about the state of their son as they were aware that they would soon be leaving this life.  So I did what I could to reconcile him to faith. And time with them. Ironically, he was then disappointed by the school system as they taught him that he was by nature a racist for being white.
He did get reconciled with his faith and family before his great grandparents departed.  But it was obvious that the school whether or not inadvertently was meddling into the affairs of the family.   Does the school have rights to control children?  Do they own the culture or are we still free?  What happened to that wall of separation?
A couple years later a friend wanted me to attend a rally downtown in 2020.  I would not have attended on my own, but I was concerned about my friend’s safety.  Long story short, while there we were accosted by about 30 people representing Antifa.  They were pushing and attempting to force me and my friends into the street. I diffused the situation pointing to my friends physical handicap.  Later, 2 female members approached us to dialogue.  we spoke and during the conversation it was revealed that they were from Tennessee and teachers.  They admitted that they knew little of the Constitution, but certain that America was founded in 1619. It became obvious that the school systems were complicit in riots which had amounted to dozens of murders.
I then joined up with an education committee we spoke at several places and finally at the Jefferson county school board.  At the meeting the mask mandate was enforced by over a dozen police officers in riot gear.  When there was a majority of speakers from our group to address the murder of a teenager and shooting of children that week, a smaller group alleging BLM membership began screaming and cursing.  They admitted to being affiliated with the teachers union as well being employees of JCPS.  This group attracted police attention. and the school board promptly closed down the meeting and kicked us out even though we were clearly not causing any disturbance.  The police locked us out of the building while we were then berated by protesters outside who were cursing at us with megaphones.
This is not transparency.  This is not liberal. It is tyranny.
I have 6 nieces and nephews in the system, I can’t help but try to change this system for the safety of my community.
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  The purpose of public education is to enhance the U.S. citizen  that the whole of Americans be civilized in universal truths of literacy, math and physical science.  Certain cultures have their own systems of education. But public education is provided for those who do not have such advantages.  Also the USA is unique in the sense that the sovereign rule of our nation, according to the constitution, is the citizen under the designation “We the People”.  In order for a free people to reign in this republic, we need a people that is literate to secure its blessings of liberty.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  I am currently working at a Learning center. I witnessed a parent having a discussion of the supervisor. The parent confessed his shock to learn how his son was falling behind in math. He did the research and agreed that this was the case.  But when he confronted his Son’s teachers they said that he did not need any extra training.  Why?  Because JCPS is content with leaving half of the county’s students  1-3 years behind grade level.  By the time the students find out failing in college the school system will be a faint memory. the father also had family in other counties and confirmed that their education was far superior.
However the only hope he had of getting his child’s grades up was to pay tuition or move.
In the last 5 yrs there were over 20,000 instances of bullying.  Perhaps some are exaggerated, yet many of these are obviously violent.  As a student we were under a policy of zero tolerance.  it is obvious that if students are disturbing or even attacking their fellow students and teachers they do not need to be on the property.  Today we have more advantages in the since that we can use zoom technology for those who want to reform they can work their way back from the zoom.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  Our current standardized testing seems sufficient, but it is obvious therefore we are not meeting standards.  Our curriculum since common core and next generation science standards are insufficient and faulty.  We need new curriculum.  Teachers should not be manipulated or forced to push bad curriculum which defeats their personal talents in the process of learning.  A clear example of the difference curriculum makes is found in Goose Rock Elementary.  where a struggling school equivalent in numbers to what we see in the west end rose up to the high 80’s and 90’s in standardized testing.  Indeed we can get out of this rut if we give a focused effort.
TAXING & SPENDING:  I am a fiscal conservative. JCPS has about enough money stored to keep itself running for 2yrs without any taxation.  We had a major 9% tax increase and then we already have a 4% tax increase coming up. this is shameful.  We talk all the diatribes we want about giving kids a chance.  But when we rob their parents we rob the child’s opportunities now and in the future.  How many alumni are struggling under the weight of property taxes?  People on fixed incomes, people under crippling mortgages, it drives away businesses as well. No we don’t need automatic tax increases, nor should we tax without permission.  This goes back to the backwards idea that the government is a tyranny instead of a constitutional republic.
Perhaps the real reason the Ten Commandments was left out of schools was to ignore “thou shalt not steal”.
The current philosophy of the school system is to provide society with a giant daycare and improvement only means pretty buses and buildings.
There are many ways that the school system could possibly save money.
A. Cutting funding to surrounding counties.  Jeff Co money should be reserved for Jeff. CO.
B.  We need to restructure the busing system.  Polio set a precedent, the bus system can be altered.   All that needs to be done is that both the west end and all the surrounding counties should localize thus cutting the massive spending and reducing the work load and constant need for repairs.
C.  We are constantly pouring a massive amount of tax money into construction. locally a school building was tore down only to build a new one.  We could easily cut back.
D. a 4 day week.  By adding an hour to every school days we can cut off Friday and save money/expenditures.
E. we have a large budget given to therapists. It is inappropriate for schools to control the mental health of the child.  instead of such control and rampant spending we should arrange a database fo all forms of counseling, therapy, religious organizations, youth clubs, learning centers etc. etc. where we can help parents when the matter comes up.
These are tentative ideas up for discussion.
Tax payers should be informed whenever their taxes change.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  Charter schools have a long history of success in their communities.  They don’t have the baggage of church/state issues.  We have a shortage of teachers and it is likely that charter teachers will be less costly option.  Charter schools should get a big push.
SEL & DEI:  I have to do more study of SEL to have an informed opinion.   Diversity equity inclusion is a form of Marxist indoctrination which fouls up the system with irrational conclusions.  It should be removed as soon as possible.
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  The work with the disabled seems to be working well.  
Disabled people deserve special attention.
However, success should not be limited under titles as some people are able to overcome impairment on several levels. Yet school systems should never lack empathy in dealing with these challenges. Some people will have more challenges than other s in life.  but this only should motivate us towards a better outcome.  As someone with experience with the disabled it is amazing to see what people can do if properly motivated.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  Discipline is a major key to learning. If a student can not concentrate then learning can be left paralyzed. Discipline starts in the home and parents should be encouraged and respected. Parents have the first say in disciplinary strategy.
Students need to be treated as individuals and not demographics.
The police should be involved if the child is out of control and the parents are incapable of remedy to the situation and the problems are severe injuries are being risked as a result of such behavior. Alternative schools are a possibility.
COVID:  Parents should be able to out their children out.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  Is Matt Singleton is the right kind of outsider?
A. Being an outsider keeps him out of the same influence which runs the schoolboard.  Matt is not handicapped by the teachers unions or any other influences which have controlled the system, and sent into to the downward spiral which we see today..
B.  Being a Pastor keeps Matt in touch with the community as well with current issues in ethics and religious liberty. It should also be noted that there is a common tradition of Pastors obtaining the office of schoolboard and there is a pastor currently serving at JCPS.
C. Being an experienced activist and media personality, Matt has interviewed over 500 experts, politicians and leading authorities to get the big picture in civics and economics. Dealing with a working knowledge of government.
D. As an apologist and author Matt has the ability to take heartfelt convictions and articulate them into accurate argumentation.
E.  As a member of the AFA education committee Matt has been taking his journalistic skills with others to find answers and seek solutions for what’s going on.
F.   Matt has lots of experience with kids and youth  as a former Youth minister, children’s minister, VBS administrator, Martial arts instructor and lifeguard.  But Matt wants to go deeper into how to relate to teachers and youth.  So he was been working professionally as a tutor.  This is giving him a case by case bases of how kids, K thru 12, with various personalities react to education.
G. As a jeff. county school graduate and a son of a Jeff. County
Public School teacher.   Matt has spoken to classes on topics of bullying and drug abuse.  Matt has been a guest coach for several wrestling teams. (PRP, Valley, Fairdale, Campbellsville),  Matt has worked with the physically and mentally disabled.
      Matt has a personal connection to local schools and knowing the past helps to bring us to the future.

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