Mr. Allen Volz – Walton-Verona Independent Schools, KY

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Mr. Allen Volz is running for a school board position with Walton-Verona Independent Schools, KY.

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MOTIVATION:  Stop indoctrination in education, school closures during COVID, the lack of quality remote learning, ending mask mandates, lack of transparency.
ROLE OF EDUCATION:  Schools such only teach the basic pillars of education reading, math, science, history, etc. Schools should not be the replacement for parents in our society.
CURRENT DISTRICT ASSESSMENT:  The current board is complacent in driving improvement in the school. Being a small district we can have a more direct impact on improving the school. As a board member I will take a long view on how the districts resources can best be spent to deliver immediate improvements, plan for continuous improvements and always seek ways to reduce the cost of education.
ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:  Academic excellence is mostly measured by standardized tests and graduation rates. These are necessary data points to compare students across the state and nation. A more holistic approach will consider more subjective factors including student discipline, attendance, motivation to learn and career readiness.
TAXING & SPENDING:  Simply put the fiscal responsibility of the board is to properly allocate scarce resources. Student success can not be accurately measured by the amount of money spent per student. Raising taxes does not solve educational problems. Focusing resources on delivering great educational outcomes can improve education.
CHARTER SCHOOLS:  I support school choice. More choices in education including charter schools will only serve to strengthen the entire educational system for students and teachers.
SEL & DEI:  Students are individuals with individual life experiences and potential. No individual student should be treated as a group. Student success can only be achieved through individual effort, high expectations and challenging curriculum.
RESOURCE ALLOCATION:  The school district most be adroit in handling a wide diversity of educational needs, providing challenging curriculum opportunities, while providing the necessary interventions so students can keep pace. Students at all levels need educational opportunities that challenge them to higher achievement with the individual support to assure great outcomes.
STUDENT DISCIPLINE:  All discipline issues should be evaluated on an individual basis using the same set of rules. The conduct expectations should be clearly communicated to all students. High standards of conduct should be set in the school.
COVID:  Schools prioritized COVID over education, when the risk of COVID for K-12 students was very low. The district did not have a quality NTI education solution to replace in person instruction over a long period. School should have resumed in the Fall of 2020 full time in person with no masks.
OTHER THINGS VOTERS SHOULD KNOW:  The keys to a quality education is parental involvement, transparency and focusing the school’s resources on delivering a fundamental education, free from indoctrination. School should focus on developing self control and self reliance in students, not self esteem.

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